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Quality Check List for Kids

At the WOW wall Quality is King. Our aim is to produce beautiful interior wall art that will put a smile on your child's face. We use the highest quality materials and printing techniques that surpass other competitors on the market. As new technology becomes available we update our products so we're always a step ahead and create new and innovative ideas.

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Using our experience and expertise we have researched all the key features and created a checklist that any wall mural should pass. Before you buy any wall mural, make sure it passes our quality checklist so you know you're getting the best possible value for money, and your child won't end up disappointed.

Double Width Material
Our murals are printed on 132cm wide strips. That's over twice as wide as standard wall murals. The result is fewer joins and a seamless finish that looks great on your child's bedroom wall.

Why this is important:
Most other companies use 60cm wide wallpaper strips, resulting in a patchwork effect with awkward joins and mismatched seams. With our team of professional fitters, the look you imagine is the look you get.

Scratch Resistant
Our advanced UV printing process and high quality material ensures our wall murals are extremely durable and scratch resistant. Our murals are made to handle daily wear and tear that comes with growing children.

Why this is important:
Most companies print their wall murals on standard paper which tends to be weaker and often deteriorates due to accidental damage.

Easy Wipe Surface
Because we use the latest UV printing technology, our wall murals are very easy to clean. They have an easy-wipe surface and can be cleaned with a damp cloth without damaging the material or colours. Perfect for parents!

Why this is important:
Many other companies use standard solvent inks that will run and stain if you try and clean them, resulting in damage to the colour and finish of your wall mural.

Anti-tear Material
Our wall murals are printed on extra-thick 600 micron paper, which is up to three times thicker than standard materials. This ensures our murals are extremely robust and withstand tearing and other damage.

Why this is important:
Most interior design companies print on standard paper that is easily torn and damaged by young children.

UV Cured Printing
At the WOW wall we use advanced UV cured printing technology rather than traditional solvent inks. This means our wall murals have a vibrant colour finish that is extremely fade-resistant. We only use UV flexible inks, ensuring our wall murals are crack resistant and even more durable.

Why this is important:
Most companies use inferior solvent ink printing. The colours on these murals are more prone to fading and lack the vivid colour finish that makes our murals stand out.

For more detailed information on our products, view our products & services page.

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