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About Us for Business

the WOW wall is a specialist interior design company offering a range of bespoke wall art creations, ranging from exclusive bespoke wall mural coverings and canvas prints to high quality wall art stickers. We aim to create products that will give your business space a professional and friendly atmosphere.

Our Vision
We understand the importance of creating a modern, stylish and friendly environment in the workplace. A well and appropriately designed environment is crucial in setting the correct atmosphere as well as leaving that important impression in every business. Our bespoke wall creations will help create a:
  • Positive working atmosphere: By creating a positive working atmosphere you will help motivate staff and clients to generate potential new business.

  • Professional visitor experience: Every business should create a great visitor experience for their clients and present themselves in a very welcoming and friendly manner.

  • Perfect impression: With our products you can make sure you leave the perfect impression in your clients mind from their vist.

We are dedicated to providing high quality products that will complement your business and help you achieve success.

Winning Team
We pride ourselves on always providing professional and efficient service. We work closely with our clients to tailor each design specifically for their business requirements. We've worked with a variety of business clients, from Cafe, bars and restaurants to hospitals, charities and large multi-national companies such as Allianz and Aviva. As such we have unrivalled experience and understanding of working with businesses to get the perfect results. Whatever your business, we'll be able to match your requirements and give your company that extra edge.

Our expert design team work closely with our clients to incorporate their thoughts and ideas into the finished design, resulting in products which are unlike any other. We'll work with you to customise every aspect of your design so you're completely happy. From early concepts through to design and fitting, we aim to go that extra mile, and we're only satisfied when you are.

Benefits of our products
Whether you're a small business or a large firm, whether your workplace is a busy office or a relaxed bar, it's essential you have the right surroundings to create the ideal business environment. Our range of innovative wall art creations can give you a range of positive results, whatever you're looking to achieve. The right interior design can create a positive atmosphere for employees and boost worker motivation. It will give your business an attractive and welcoming presentation, giving your customers and exceptional visitor experience that makes them happy to come back time after time. You can add a distinctive company branding to your workplace, giving your business a stylish professional look that stands out from the crowd, and you can transform dull workspaces into vibrant, exciting business environments. The benefits of our products are endless.

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Quality Certified
Quality at the WOW wall is King. We understand that when you decorate your business space, you want a high quality and professional look that lasts year after year. Whether your business is an office, a restaurant or a playschool, we know there are many hazards that can damage your interior decor. That's why our wall art is built to last. All our products are made with the highest quality materials and printing techniques. We're constantly researching the market to update our products and stay one step ahead, so you know you're getting the highest quality at an affordable price. Our wall murals are also fire rated for both residential and commercial use.

To ensure you're getting the highest quality product, we have created the following Quality Checklist. Before you buy any wall mural, make sure it passes this checklist so you know you're getting the best possible value for money, and you won't end up disappointed:

  • Double Width Material: 132cm Wide Strips --> Less joins
  • Scratch Resistant: Much more durable than standard wall coverings
  • Easy Wipe Surface: Clean at all time
  • Anti-Tear Material: Resists accidental damage
  • UV Cured Printing: Resists against colour fading

Our paper and print quality is of the highest standard and our murals surpass fire code ratings for both residential and commercial use.

For more detailed information on our products, view our products & services page.

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