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Beach Stickers for Kids

Beach stickers for kids: Great decorating ideas for your baby or kid's room
If your child loves the outdoors, they'll love our beach stickers! the WOW wall's high quality and lovingly drawn beach stickers allow you to create a vibrant and fresh seaside theme for your child's bedroom or nursery. Use your imagination to personalise your kid's bedroom and create a gorgeous seaside stickers theme that will provide them with hours of entertainment.

You can order beach stickers now or read on to find out more about our wonderful beach stickers.

Benefits of Beach Stickers
BEACH STICKERS > Easy and Affordable
Our beach stickers offer an easy and affordable way of creating unbelievable racing effects. You can create detailed and action-packed beach scenes on your child's room wall at a low cost. Their ease of application allows you to fit your beach sticker design around the layout of the room with no difficulty. With a dash of interior emulsion you can create a simple background and bring even more life to your beach sticker theme.

BEACH STICKERS > Educational and Interactive
Colour and shape recognition are a fundamental part of a baby's development and our vibrant and dynamic beach stickers help create the perfect learning environment. You can fill your child's imagination with the joys of the great outdoors using our beach sticker designs.

As all parents will know, everything that comes into contact with a child needs to be durable! That's why all our beach wall stickers are built to last with a matt laminate coating and a scratch-resistant finish. They have a wipe-down surface and are easily cleanable.

BEACH STICKERS > Personal and Customised
Every child has a favourite beach, team and player. That's why our expert design team are on hand to personalise any aspect of our beach stickers. We're more than happy for you to come up with totally new ideas to add that unique character to your child's playroom. We'll work together to create the perfect beachs sticker theme. Decorate your child's room in their team's colours will make them the envy of every other child at school!

Wall Art Sticker Quality
At the WOW wall Quality is King. Our beach wall stickers are made with the highest quality self-adhesive vinyl, printed using UV curable inks and a protective matt laminate finish. This will protect your beach stickers against scratches and fading. All of this is done to ensure that when you get your wall decals you can to bring your child's room to life.

Baby Gift Ideas
Beach wall stickers make a great gift idea, whether you're a parent, a friend or a relative. If you're looking for a gift that is thoughtful and out of the ordinary, our beachs stickers are ideal. Our personalisation service means you can give your child a unique gift they'll truly treasure. You can purchase the wall stickers yourself or use a gift voucher and let them make the perfect choice.

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Decorating Ideas and Themes
Remember, we can personalise every aspect of the beach wall stickers to suit you, so the possibilities really are endless.
Here's a few of our ideas:

Browse our Beach Sticker Gallery
TIP of the day: Create a simple background to enhance your sticker theme wall with a dash of interior emulsion. REMEMBER to allow a minimum of two weeks for your painted walls to fully cure before applying stickers.

So now you've read about the benefits of our beach wall stickers, you're all set to browse through our beach stickers and put your child right there by the sea!

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