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Canvas Prints for Kids

Kids canvas prints and kids canvas art: Great decorating ideas for your child or baby's room.
By using our kids canvas prints you can decorate your child's playroom or nursery and create a fun and beautiful environment.
Every parent wants the best for their child. If you are planning your baby's nursery or decorating your child's bedroom, our canvas prints offer you a great way to bring their room to life. There's no limit to the decorating ideas our children's canvas prints allow you to create. Our kids canvas prints come in a wide variety of colourful designs. Add a personal touch to your boy or girl's bedroom or nursery with our services, such as Your Photo On Canvas, Your Drawing On Canvas and Your Kid's Name On Canvas.

Use your imagination to personalise your canvas prints every step of the way and add your loving touch to their room.
You can browse through our Kids Canvas Prints or read on to find out more about our fantastic children's canvas art.

BENEFITS: What can you do with our kids canvas prints?

With the WOW wall you can do anything to create the perfect kids canvas design. You can put your child's name into a personalised canvas print design or capture unforgettable moments of their childhood by putting your photo on canvas. You can create a unique canvas design featuring their favourite animals. You can even let your child join in and turn their drawing into a fantastic wall canvas design. If you can picture it, we can do it!

Here are a few of our ideas:

  • Your photo on canvas: Frame that special moment and make it last forever.
    If you've ever wanted to turn that special picture of your child into a beautiful canvas print, now you can! Whether it's your baby's first step, your child's first day of school or a birthday moment, with our Photo On Canvas service you can capture your proudest moments and make them last forever.

    Photo touch up: If you've picked out that special photo only to find it has creases cracks and folds, red-eye or other common photograph problems, we can help. Our professional design artists can work magic touching up photos to get the right look and ensure nothing stops you using your favourite photo in your canvas print in the UK.

  • Your kid's drawing on canvas: Showcase your child's inner artist.
    Every child loves to draw, and now you can reward their creative side by turning one of their masterpieces into a tailor-made canvas art print. It could be their first cute finger painting or the picture they ran home after school to show you. Our kid's drawing on canvas service is the perfect way to celebrate that special drawing.

  • Your kid's name on canvas: Capture your child's personality.
    You can add that personal touch to your kid's room by combining their name with their favourite theme onto a bespoke children's canvas. Just tell us your child's name, whether they're a girl or a boy and the theme they love the most, and we'll create a canvas print design just for them.

  • Canvas print effects
    Your initial photograph or canvas design is only the beginning! There so much more we can do to add that extra touch to your kid's canvas print in the UK. You can use our range of special print effects. Our canvas print effects include everything from sepia and black and white effects to sketch, watercolour and pop art versions. Our canvas print effects work with any canvas design you choose, including your own photos and drawings, so you can give your child the perfect canvas design.

  • Film frame canvas:
    With our film frame canvas you can tell a story on your child's wall. By simply combining images into a sequence you can create a dynamic scene from their childhood, or create something new from your imagination.

  • Personalised canvas designs:
    Don't forget that our design team is on hand to work with you every step of the way and get that perfect canvas artwork your child will love. We can customise any aspect of your kid's canvas print in the UK or even come up with totally new canvas art. Our designers can meet you anywhere in the UK to work face to face with you on your perfect canvas design. The only limit is your imagination!
QUALITY of our kids canvas prints

At the WOW wall, Quality is King. All our canvas prints in the UK are made with the finest materials and are professionally hand stretched, so you know you're getting something that will last.

  • Canvas print quality: Our canvas prints in the UK are produced using state of the art high resolution printers. We use 12 separate light fast anti-fading inks which give amazing quality canvas prints. Our canvas art is rated to last for up to 200 years without fading.

  • Canvas print material: We use only the best 100% cotton, anti-crack canvas material for our canvas art. Our canvas prints in the UK are carefully hand stretched on solid 3.8cm thick stretcher bar frames including tension wedges, which are an important part of professional canvasprints. These tension wedges allow the canvas print to be easily retightened at a later date if required, without the need for the whole canvas print to be reframed.

  • Canvas protective coating: Every canvas print we make can be further protected with our matt or glossy coating. This will add a water and dirt resistant layer of protection to your canvas art. This also protects against scuffs and scratches. We will include a LIFETIME GUARANTEE against fading if you live in the UK and choose to coat your photo canvas print.

  • FREE canvas hanging kit: Our kids canvases are ready to hang on your interior walls and come supplied with a hanging kit free of charge. This hanging kit is designed to hold your canvas print flush against the wall. A care guide is supplied with each hand stretched canvas print which details how to care for and fit your canvas to the wall.

Our children's canvas prints in the UK are a great gift idea, whether you're a parent, a friend or a relative. If you live in the UK and you're looking for a gift that is thoughtful and out of the ordinary, our photographic canvases and canvas prints are ideal. Our personalisation service means you can give your child a unique gift they'll truly treasure, and they could be a perfect gift for parents living in the UK. You can select the canvas design yourself or use a gift voucher and let them make the perfect choice. Don't forget to check our other children's gift ideas.

So now you've read about the benefits of our kids canvas prints in the UK, you'll know there's so many canvas designs and features to choose from for your child's nursery or playroom, available to anyone living in the UK. Feel free to browse through our canvas collection, pick out the perfect canvas print design and put a smile on your child's face.

Browse our Kids Wall Mural Gallery
So now you've read about the benefits of our kids wall murals, you'll know there's so many wall mural designs and features to choose from for your child's nursery or playroom. Feel free to browse through our kids wall mural collection, pick out the perfect wall mural design and put a smile on your child's face.

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